Privacy Policy


The terms "us" and "we" represent Discord Bots, the leading organization of this website ( The terms "you" and "your" represent you as a visitor of our website or member of our Discord server.

Visitor Data

As a website visitor, we store nothing on you directly. However some information may be collected for services such as CloudFlare Analytics which is simply used to track numbers of visitors on our website and numbers of unique visitors.

As a website visitor, we collect your IP address and user agent for purposes of minimalising abuse on our website, we also store your IP for analytics purposes.

As a website visitor, we store cookies in your browser to improve your experience on our website. CloudFlare also store cookies in your browser.

Developer / Discord Member Data

You become a "developer" when you submit your bot to be added to our website.

You become a "discord member" when you join our discord server.

When you submit your bot to our website, we store all the information you provided in a secure PostgreSQL database, this is used to publically display information about your bot to any visitor who view your bot page. Visitors can view the following information:

When submitting your bot, if you provided any "Moderator Notes", this is viewable by anybody with the "Tester" ranking or higher. You can view users ranks by going to their profile on this website.

If you generate an API key, this is displayed to you only in plain text and is securely encrypted in our database using salt rounds.

Any review you submit on a bot will store your review, review type and user ID in our database.

If you vote for a bot, your user ID is stored in an array, this is to prevent multiple votes from one user.

If you wish to permanently delete your bots data from our website, you can use the "Delete" button on your bots page however, this will not delete reviews of your bot.


We take security and privacy seriously, therefore we do not store any sensitive information about you or your bot in our database other than the information we need. This way if there was to ever be a database breach which is highly unlikely, no sensitive information will be exposed.

The most sensitive value we store in our database is your API key, which even then is encrypted using salt rounds and would be useless in this format.

We use Discord's OAuth2 for additional security in our API endpoints to ensure any users are authorized, this means that your data cannot be tampered with if somebody uses our API endpoints elsewhere.

We have setup cors to ensure other websites cannot use our API other than the domain we provide.

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