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Prefix: ; (changeable) | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

A Moderation and Utilities Bot with lots of features.

Moderation Utility 



WE-BT16, a basic moderation and utilities discord bot.

WE-BT16 is a basic bot with moderation, utilities, and more. If you want more help, report bugs, or suggest commands, you can join our Discord Server.

Basic Information

You can view the bots list of commands, and more anytime by sending ;help inside a server with the bot installed.

More Commands will be coming soon, and will be updated here and on our help command, all commands for this bot start with the ; prefix by default.

Per Server Settings

You can view your guilds settings with ;showconf and get help on changing them with ;help config


You can see the bots status in the Support Server, and on WE-BT16's website.


  • Changeable Prefix
  • Changeable Mute Role
  • Moderation Commands
  • Utility Commands
  • Image Commands
  • Per Server Settings

Coming Soon

  • Dashboard
  • Logging

List of Commands

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