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A simple and ez to use ticket bot




The Ticker bot is a simple ticket bot for your server. Remember to run the command $setup first before anything Hope you all enjoy it and vote for it. If you have any complaints DM @Minecrafty999#3260 and I will get back to you as soon as possible. It has to have all the permissions it asks for because it creates channels for each ticket and it needs the roles perm for the setup so it knows who is part of the support team. *Note you must use $setup or the bot won't work and each person can only have one ticket at a time, this is because of something that will not be shared because if so the people who want to mess with others can do it. Minecrafty999 is working on fixing the problem. We are trying to make the support server fun but you can still get support so join it if you have a question or an error to report. Profile pic made by sunflight1. What do the commands do: $setup: Sets up the bot on your server. DONT FORGET TO DO THIS FIRST $unsetup: Unsets up the bot on your server $ticket (reason here): Sets up a ticket for you $close: If you are the ticket owner the bot will close the ticket $help: Get a list of all the commands

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