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The Beastiary

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Brief Description

Collect 1000+ cards of over 250 unique species of animals! Level up, customize, and trade them! Can you complete The Beastiary?

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Welcome to The Beastiary!

The best animal collection bot out there

Welcome to The Beastiary, a bot all about collecting hundreds of unique species of animals! Encounter some species every hour, and if you get one of your favorites, capture it! Captured animals can be leveled, customized, traded, and released for profit.
On top of that, capturing a species marks it in your Beastiary, a personal list of all the species you've caught, leveled, and mastered. Can you complete The Beastiary?

The game's main features:

  • 250+ species to collect, 1000+ unique cards
  • Capture and collect all of your favorite animals
  • Level your animals and show them off
  • Sell rare and high leveled animals for huge profit
  • Progress your Beastiary to completion
  • Collect species tokens, rare items that every species can drop
  • Trade animals and currency with your friends
  • Passively fish for extra rewards
  • Learn more about each species through quick informative descriptions
  • Join a community of animal lovers and fans of The Beastiary

Quick start guide:

  • Use b/commands to view a full list of The Beastiary's commands.
  • Use b/help <command> to view more detailed information about a command.
  • Use b/encounter to initiate animal encounters, and press an animal's capture emoji reaction to capture it!

So what are you waiting for? Invite The Beastiary and start your menagerie today!

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