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Prefix: s! | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

A new music bot with no restrictions and is completely free




Okay, We know... you can just use Rythm, Groovy, or the countless other Music Bots for Discord

Stereo has many compelling features, such as Radio Commands, Customizable Behavior such as DJ Roles, and of course our extensive music category. It will always be free and best of all it's open source!

Getting Started

The bots default prefix is s! or @Stereo, and you may view all of the commands with s!help

Still not convinced? Well... good, that leads us straight into our feature list:

  • Music Commands:
    • The classics: play, pause, resume, remove, queue, skip, etc...
    • The rare: nightcore, slowed, bassboost and more.
  • Spotify Support: disclaimer: We use Spotify URLs to fetch songs from youtube, we can't actually stream Spotify Music.
  • Customizable Behavior: Configuration Commands (DJ role, etc)
  • Loving developers who can answer all of your questions here.

Now you may be convinced, but are you worried about our reliability and whether you should trust Stereo?

Stereo has been worked on for countless long hours, trying to make Stereo ultra user-friendly and bug free which we have done. Stereo requires little to no permissions, we only want to read and send messages, connect and play music in your voice channels.

Permission Explaination

Ever wondered why we needed all of these permissions? We'll explain right here:

  • Read and Send Messages - To read commands and send the output. (required)
  • Manage Messages - To delete responses from the user such as for song selection (optional)
  • View Channel, Connect, Speak, Use Voice Activity - Voice channel permissions (required)

So what are you waiting for? Invite Stereo and while you're at it, join our community server!


  • Sxmurai ~ Made the whole bot
  • MeLike2D ~ Making this markdown file and giving us a edited Lavalink.jar file, and giving us permission to use the bots avatar

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