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Sentry Alpha

Prefix: s! | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

Sentry Alpha is a multi purpose meme filled bot with utility commands.

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Sentry Alpha, a epic Discord Bot.

Default Prefix: s! (changeable)
Website: sentryalpha.xyz
Support: sentry.best/support
FAQ: sentry.best/FAQ

Getting Started:

Important commands for your epic experience with our bot.

  • s!help | Get information on commands, such as doing s!help invite will give you a example on usage for the command.
  • s!privacy | Privacy Policy, kinda simple and to the point.
  • s!invite | Get a invite for Sentry Alpha and maybe slide it around to friends?!

Sentry Alpha is a guild friendly, user friendly, and all around awesome bot with some amazing features such as:

  • Economy, it's been done so many times there is a twist! Farms! Jobs! Events! [COMING SOON]
  • Nice and easy moderation for moderators that aren't qualified for the job but still have moderator nonetheless.
  • Ah yes, TikToks, we have those aswell. Gives you a random TikTok out of hundreds of funny, safe, tiktoks for your members that are barely 13 years old.

New Features!

  • Crab rave meme video generation for expressing the best of yourself with a crab dancing and some text.
  • Talk with Sentry Alpha! (Don't talk to Sentry Alpha for too long, you may lose your sanity)
  • Insult your friends with some KILLER insults.
  • VC voice sound effects [BETA]
  • TTS [BETA]

Coming Soon:

  • Managing your guild on the dashboard.
  • Searching up other bots across bot listing platforms.
  • So much more.

Here is a review from one of our happy users:

Skeetpug: your bot's pretty cool

Mmadrid509: what the #&*! did this bot just say



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