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Project Blue

Prefix: pb. | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

Project Blue is a simple in development Multi-purpose discord bot built on Discord.js. This bot offers some various commands. You can use "pb.help" to view those commands!

Fun Utility Moderation 


Project Blue

Project Blue


Project-Blue is an in-development Discord bot that has plenty of commands to use.

You can use pb.help to view the list of commands that the bot has.



1) Fun
  • 8ball - A simple 8 ball command that answers your questions.
  • ascii - this command simply asciifies the given text or word.
  • cat - A simple cat command that gets cute kitty-cats from the web and sends it as an Embed.
  • coinflip - A coinflip command that decides if you can't choose whether you need to buy nitro or not 👀
  • dog - A simple dog command that gets a random dog image from the web and send it in the channel.
  • meme - Gets random meme from Reddit!
  • reverse - A simple command that reverses the text/string. thgir looc?
2) General
  • Avatar - A command that shows the avatar of a member.
  • help - Lists out all the commands.
  • ping - Checks the ping of the bot.
  • uptime - Show's how long the bot's been online.
  • changes - View the changelogs of the bot!
3) Moderation
  • announce -Makes you send an announcement to the mentioned channel.
  • purge - Bulk deletes the messages from the channel the command was used.
  • prefix - Set's prefix for the guild! Yes. you won't see two bots responding to the same command :P
  • say - A say command that makes the bot send your message.
  • snipe - A snipe command that shows recently deleted messages. (The command will show the deleted message only If any message was deleted in within a minute in the channel the command was triggered.)
4) Information
  • botinfo - Shows the info about the bot Project-Blue.
  • discord - A command that shows the current API status from Discord's Status along with the past 3 incidents!
  • serverinfo - Shows the information about the server .i.e., Guild owner, roles, members, channels and etc.
  • stats - Show's the stats about the bot.
  • userinfo - Shows detailed information about a member of the guild.
  • whois - Shows a brief information about a member of the guild.
  • weather - GIves the weather info about the given city/location.
  • roles - Shows a list of roles that are in the server along with the number of members with that role.
  • roleinfo - Use this command to know the information of a role.
  • corona - Sends information about COVID-19 statistics of a mentioned country.
5) Image
  • clyde - Sends an image of clyde saying your message.
  • ship - Ship two members of your server 0w0.
  • phcomment - Generates and sends a fake image of "that" website 👀



NOTE:- the bot is currently in development so yes, you can expect more commands/features in the coming future.

Bot Permissions

  • Use External Emojis
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Read Messages
  • Mention @here/@everyone
  • Manage Messages
  • Attach Files
  • Add reactions



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