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Prefix: c! | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

A multi-purpose bot, with features being added constantly. You can easily manage your server very simply with Crypto, and enjoy some fun meme commands too.

Moderation Fun Games Utility 


A multi-purpose bot, with features being added constantly.

Manage your server effectively with Crypto. Allow users to have fun and enjoy your server with the fun command and mess around with the bot!

Features planned for that bellow:

-Online Store (For virtual bot currency)

-Item Shop (To do certain commands you must obtain special items by chatting)

-Much More features when it comes out, not all has been revealed. The bots features will always be increasing and I wish to constantly be adding to it, this page will not always be updated for the full list of commands.

NOTE: The bot's moderation features require the bot to have the permissions to do the command. If not you will get an error message. I advise giving it the permissions in the invite link, it is up to you.

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