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Abot Us

Prefix: among | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

Among Us Bot with Voice Recognition to Mute & Un-Mute your friends!

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| Abot Us |

An Among Us bot with a technology of Voice Recognition to execute the commands, it provides a unique experience to its servers and users!

☑️ Features:

💻 Voice Recognition Technology: When among is said in the voice channel where bot is called to join (amongjoin) it acts as a hotkey and will record the next few words to change it from Speech-To-Text. It then does the command 😄

🔇 Quick Mute via Voice Channel: You can very easily mute the whole voice channel EXCEPT yourself as you'll be the one who will unmute it when a meeting is called. In 2 seconds, you can Mute EVERYONE.
🌟 Good support: For any questions or queries, you can very easily ask us questions via our Discord Server.
♦ Simple to Use: Within a few minutes, you can easily get a grasp of how the Bot & commands work.

Getting Started:

📍 Commands List: 📍

🎈Text Commands:
📌amongjoin: Get the Bot to join your Voice Channel for Voice Recognition.
📌amongleave: Bot Leaves the Voice Channel.
🎈Voice Commands:
📌among mute: Mutes everyone in the Voice Channel EXCEPT the person who said it & bots.
📌among unmute: Un-Mutes everyone in the Voice Channel. (for when there is a kill or meeting)
📌among instructions: Gives Instructions on how to play Among Us
Permissions: Abot Us will need ONLY need 3 permissions, Read & Send Messages, Connect to Voice Channels, Mute Members.

Links: ↪

Add the bot: Bot Invite

Get help/support along with updates in the bot's support server: Support Server


We realise that people may have doubts and questions about the Voice Recognition System and here are some Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

‣ Is the Bot listening to ALL the conversation in the Voice Channel?

The Bot scans through the speech in the Voice Channel but Strictly DOES NOT Record or Store Any Data

What it does is, it scans through the conversation and looks for a speech that starts with among. If among is used, it will then record the next words said by the User who used the hotkey (among) and convert it from Speech-To-Text via an API (that safely & privately does this change).
It then sends it back to the bot which writes the command in the channel and executes the command.
If at any point, you feel uncomfortable or don't like the fact that it scans through your conversation, I suggest you to stop using the Bot.

Made with passion by Sattish#2011

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