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Prefix: * | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

Dane is a Music and Fun Bot

Music Logging Fun 


Dane General Info

To get started, run the *help command

Luana is a Music and fun bot. If you are searching for an cool bot for your Server then Dane is the right Bot for your Server.

Dane Commands

Luana doesn't have that much commands, but it was made with love!

Dane Support

If you need help feel free to send me an DM on Discord or join the Support Discord.

Support Server: https://discord.gg/xkYeQA8MVN

Discord: OGMatrix#0001 [Bio]

Dane Social

Here you can find all the Social Media Links from me (OGMatrix#0001).

Donate: [BUY ME A COFFE]

GitHub: [Click Here]

Discord.bio: [Click Here]

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