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Notey ♪

Prefix: p! | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

Notey ♪ is a high quality, polished Discord music bot.

Music Fun 


Notey ♪!

Notey ♪ provides servers with high quality music!

Notey ♪ comes implemented with a wide variety of music-related commands! The main commands are p!play <song name/link> and p!help!

The bot has some premium features as the p!loop command and the ability to modify the volume with either the p!volume <value 1-100> or by using the reaction pannel:

reaction pannel



・ Ability to play/skip/stop/loop songs or other videos.

・ Volume controll.

・ See the lyrics of the current playing song with p!lyrics.

・ Good support. (you should join our support server!)

・ Other usefull commands!

・ High quality, crisp sound.

・ More upcoming sound commands! Such as: minameisjeff, honk, bruh, bruh25, and more.

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