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Reverse Flash

Prefix: ; | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

A multi-purpose bot with fun commands, music commands, memey commands and more!

Moderation Fun Games Music Utility 


About Reverse Flash

Reverse Flash is a Multi Purpose bot with moderation, music and ticket capabilities! We have music commands, a ticket system, fun commands such as 8 ball, dad jokes, meme commands! Or information commands such as when your account was created, youngest and oldest person in your server, alongside a weather command! We've also got an XP system to track your most active members, alongside a leader board of the 10 highest level people in your server, and top 10 people with the most invites in your server! We've also got moderation commands to help moderate your server, such as warns, mutes, slow mode, check warnings. You can also customize the prefix for the bot for your server! This bot is my first bot ever, and I'm always looking to improve it, and add new things, and always looking at new suggestions! Which you can join my support server to suggest! Or have specific your server only commands

Example Commands (Not the full list):
Fun commands:

snipe, 8ball, dadjoke, roll, meme, poll, snek, connect4, esnipe

Info Commands:

avatar, weather, youngest, oldest, rstats, help, createticket, closeticket

Miscellaneous Commands:

docs, leaderboard, invites, rank,

Music Commands:

play, queue, volume, np, skip, pause, resume, stop

Moderation Commands:

checkWarns, mute, ban, kick, warn, setprefix, unwarn, unmute

Coming soon features: Disabling/Enabling Commands/features,Birthday System

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