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Prefix: + (changeable) | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

welcome images, economy, high quality music, fun commands and more!

Music Economy Utility Moderation Fun 


+help for all of the commands and the information!

How to get started with Relion

1 . invite Relion to your server

2 . Give the permssions to relion to message, join, speak so you can use teh music commands

3 . To view all of the commands and information use +help


if you are facing any issues join our support server for more`information.

Want to see the commads?

use +help for you to see all the commands.

here is some commands commands


A multi usage bot that you can use in you discord server. It has a lot of commands that you can enjoy. You can view the commands using +help. You can have fun with this bot while listening to music. You can set a log channel so the bot will send the audit logs to the channel that you have set it to. Also want to mention there is command called setwelcome! You can set the welcome channel in your server and it will send an image to the channel you have mentioned when someone joins the server. There are very fun commands like +fight, +asktrump and more! Hope you will enjoy the music, fast response time and the commands!!! Also the website currently being built!

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