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Brief Description

Hug, cuddle people and even change your prefix with Potatoo.



Potato Bot.

Potatooo~ bot is a great bot for things just as simple as cuddling and has no other purpose rather than simple actions. The bot doesn't include Moderation/Admin commands other than the Set prefix command.

Everything else can be easily accessed through a simple default prefix, Which would be '.

Permissions Required


What do these Commands even do?

  • They provide information and soon will give more and more information as days and time grow.
  • Most commands are entertaining to a certain point.

Detailed version of the above.

Help Command The help command shows all available commands with a way to see how to use it. e.g - [ 'help ping ] would respond with an embed with a description of the command

Ping Command The ping command provides information on what the ping is from the bot to Discord's API. Not the current users ping, the bots ping

COVID Command The COVID command shows active cases, and total cases globally, total deaths globally and total deaths on the current day

Pat Command & Cuddle Command Well, the same thing just pats someone or cuddle someone, or let the potatoo~ cuddle u/pat u.

Avatar Command & Set-prefix Command The avatar command is straight forward and displays avatar images. Setprefix command is a settings commands for mods/admins this command changes the prefix for the whole guild.

Note: Commands will be expanded later on, be patient! <3

I give u cookies for actually reading this o.o

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