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Brief Description

Multi-purpose bot with robust features! Moderation | Memes | Fun | NSFW | Anime | Utility | + More!

Moderation Roleplay Fun Utility NSFW 



Parallax is a brand new Discord bot with a growing number of features and commands! It has many commands for your many uses, such as moderation, utility, stats, anime and more!

Just some of the many commands you can utilize:

  • 🔨 Moderation (p!ban, p!slowmode, p!mute)
  • ⚙️ Utility (p!help, p!setprefix, p!lfg)
  • ❓ Info (p!botinfo, p!userinfo)
  • 📈 Stats (p!r6stats, p!apexstats)
  • 🏖️ Fun (p!dice, p!8ball, p!meme)
  • 📷 Imgen (p!communism, p!youdied)
  • ⛩️ Anime (p!waifu, p!whatanime)
  • ⚠️ NSFW (p!hentai, p!feet)
  • 📱 Social (p!hug, p!punch, p!cheer)

And plenty to spare! Find all the available commands here

Add Parallax to your server and enjoy near 24/7 uptime and frequent development. I try and add as much commands and features as I can!

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