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Prefix: ?? | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

Onyx Bot, A multi Purpose Bot great for any discord server! While your at it Give is a review!

Moderation Music Games Utility Fun 


🛡️ Moderation Commands 🛡️

·Kick ·Ban ·Mute ·Clear/Purge ·Tempmute ·Unmute ·Addrole ·Makerole ·Deleterole ·Poll Command ·Warn ·Infractions/Warns ·Remove-case/Remove-warns

🎉 Fun Commands! 🎉

·Meme ·IQ Generator ·Translator ·How Simp ·Say ·Roll Dice ·Coin Flip ·Rock Paper Scissors ·Various Lenny Commands ·8Ball ·Youtube ·Weather ·Rate ·Snipe

💡 Information 💡

·bins ·botstats ·docs ·help ·links ·ping ·serversettings ·serverstats ·suggest ·translate ·userinfo ·weather

🗃️ Misc Commands 🗃️

·Credit ·Donate ·Verify

⚙️ Utility Commands! ⚙️

·Enable/Disable Welcome ·Enable/Disable Logs ·Enable/Disable AutoRole ·Enable/Disable Message Logs

MORE TO COME ·This bot is still in development which means more and more commands will be added frequently!

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