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Prefix: hx! | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

A multi-Purpose bot with playable games, math, weather, and a leveling system!

Moderation Levels Fun Logging Utility 


This Bot is still in development but works like MEE6. Please make sure that this bot has his role to function.

His Help command is hx!help TOP FEATURES:

  • Auto Moderation
  • Points and Leveling system
  • Math Commands
  • Weather by zipcode
  • Games like Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Welcome and Leave Messages. You can set this by saying hx!setwch in the channel you want the welcome channel to be.
  • Moderation commands only accessible by mod or higher
  • Memes Upcoming Features:
  • Music
  • Dashboard
  • Customizable Welcome and Leave messages


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