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It's time to leave Mee6 & Dyno and use the most trending bot on Discord, Attitude!

Moderation Economy Role Management Fun Utility 


<html> <body> <iframe src="https://attitudebot.xyz" height="540" width="960"></iframe> <h2>A New Attitude</h2> <p>Attitude has been updated to Version 2. We now made our bot get hosted on a hosting service called "GoFreshStart" for less latency and for the best experience for the users.</p> <h2>What is Attitude?</h2> <p>Attitude is a discord bot that keeps your server in a good attitude, refusing any bad attitude or could result in a punishment by the staff of the servers using it's moderation commands.</p> <h2>Where can I add Attitude?</h2> <p>Click INVITE on the top of the page to add Attitude. By default, it will most likely ask you for granting it Administrator permissions.</p> <h2>How can I trust Attitude?</h2> <p>Attitude is trusted by over 200,000 members in over 100 servers. We assure you everything about Attitude is secure as we host it on a very high end hosting with high security to keep your data safe.</p> <h2>I have some questions about the bot</h2> <p>We are happy to welcome you to our Attitude Support Server. If you are having any questions in mind, be sure to come join our Support Server at http://discord.gg/DgbXvhx.</p> </body> </html>

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