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Prefix: z! | discord.js | OFFLINE

Brief Description

Hello! Zengetsu is a multi use discord bot primarily built on around the focus of music, but also has some other fun commands sprinkled in such as rock paper scissors, trivia, and more!


Zenegtsu is a multi use discord bot that primarily handles music, but is bundled with a few moderation and fun commands. An example of some of the commands available are:

Music commands

  • play - play music in the guild (Accepts YouTube playlist and video links as well as Spotify track and playlist links)
  • queue - view the current working music queue
  • pause - pause the song currently playing
  • resume - resume the song currently playing
  • skip - skip the current song
  • volume - change the volume of the current song [1-200]
  • lyrics - get the lyrics of the current song
  • playing - get information such as length, title, and a link of the current song
  • clear - clear the queue
  • remove - remove a specified song from the queue

Showcase video

Fun Commands

  • rps
  • trivia
  • showdown

If you have any questions regarding the bot, you can message me on discord @Kinetix#2456

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